Refusing customers is sometimes better

On the other hand, the situation may also arise where it pays for the company to turn down a potential customer rather than accept it.

For example, the policies of expensive segment fitness centres are generally not geared towards bodybuilders. Bodybuilders are super driven and normally not looking for a fitness centre where there is a lot of guidance. For them, a low budget fitness centre where all possible training facilities are available is the perfect place to be. Therefore, as a fitness centre, it is important to know who your target group is and who is not.

In the past, fitness centre operators made large investments in purchasing fitness equipment. The vision here was to get and keep new members by ensuring that the fitness equipment matched the target audience. It was expected that customers would then come naturally. But in order to actually retain customers, you have to be a good person; you have to be able to think from the customer's point of view. An entrepreneur must realise that different customers do fitness for different reasons and thus also have different expectations and needs regarding their sports centre.

The moral of this story is: it is essential to know the wants and needs of the type of customer your fitness centre attracts or wants to attract. After all, customer retention starts with customer insight! If you want to serve everyone, you will serve no one.


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