Strong price fluctuations hurt confidence

Business is solely about trust. Without trust, there is no buying. Trust is not just a "matter of atmosphere". The customer has to trust the quality, service and various other aspects, such as the price of the subscription, that your fitness centre provides. Because many fitness centres handle price fluctuations poorly.

Sometimes prices are kept at low levels for years, because it is assumed that the customer will appreciate that prices stay so low for so long. But in the meantime, costs rise and your profit margin gets smaller and smaller. For the high-end fitness centres, it is important that they constantly generate enough revenue and catch up with the increased costs of recent years, so to speak. You may think then that customers will understand price fluctuations, but in practice, customers may be shocked by this and trust is at risk. Therefore, it is preferable to implement price increases gradually and with policy.

The expensive segment fitness centres can distinguish themselves from the low budget fitness centres in addition to optimal communication by also focusing on customer needs. An optimally met customer need can only be realised if targeted customer guidance is provided. The moral of the story is: make sure there is sufficient income and that prices rise along with costs in real terms. Strong price rises and falls can put pressure on trust.


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