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In the fitness industry, the quality of staff is a very important and defining factor for successful business. To ensure that customers are satisfied and stay satisfied, the service should be well attuned to customers' expectations. An important prerequisite for this is that internal business processes are well structured.  

SGM Consultancy supports fitness centres in providing professional guidance, coaching and training to staff members. With our services, we strive to optimise the productivity and quality of staff members. SGM Consultancy provides membership retention and sales management services to fitness centres through:

Through internal coaching, SGM Consultancy helps fitness centres structure and optimise internal business processes. On the basis of an introductory interview, the bottlenecks within your organisation are further identified. Depending on SGM Consultancy's advice, a project planning will be made in consultation. To achieve the desired result, the activities required within your organisation to achieve the desired goal are determined in advance. To do so, it is important that you and your staff set goals in good time. In addition, the goals should be measurable for both the staff and the manager. Good internal coaching ultimately optimises the productivity of your staff and structures the internal business processes so that your business results will improve. 


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