Continuous guidance

To ensure and/or improve internal quality, organisations will have to develop themselves continuously. In the eyes of SGM Consultancy, development is not something one-off, but a continuous process. That is why SGM Consultancy also offers fitness centres the opportunity to keep their employees' knowledge and skills up to standard by means of continuous coaching so that business results remain positive in the future. Continuous guidance is organised several times a year for fitness centres that, under the guidance of SGM Consultancy, have brought their working methods to the desired level through internal guidance, or are already satisfied with the knowledge and skills of staff members and wish to offer further training.

To retain effective employees, you need to keep investing in training. This is because it is an illusion to assume that you can keep reaping without re-sowing. You reap what you have sown; there is nothing to rustle. Effectiveness is a matter of achieving the right balance between the desired outcome (the highest possible profit per staff member) and the means of production that produces it (the staff member).

The success within your organisation is largely determined by the quality and motivation of its staff. These training courses are designed to develop both existing and new employees' knowledge and skills in a sustainable way with the aim of maintaining and/or improving the entry and exit rates within your organisation.

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